Basics collection.

Our aim is really simple. We want you to feel more comfortable at work. The scrubs provided by our trusts
do just the opposite. We want to sell scrubs that you look forward to wearing, scrubs that feel good, last long, fit well and cost less. So that when you wake up in the morning you have one less thing to worry about.

For our first collection the plan is to keep things basic. A simple well-fitted top and a pair of straight leg un-cuffed trousers. A set of scrubs you can rely on.

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Behind the brand.

Nowadays we choose where we shop wisely. We connect with the brands we wear and we understand the brands background and values. My name is Rithvik Gidwani. I am an FY1 trainee in London who studied undergraduate medicine at Queens University Belfast. Like me, many of you have felt frustrated with the scrubs we are provided by our employers and have looked to invest elsewhere. I want to combine my taste in fashion and my hatred for hospital scrubs, to bring a new sense of style to our wards. The way we look and feel can affect the way we work. It's more than just a uniform.

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